Weed Diary no.1 Poinciana

 Gardening Tips


Family – Fabaceae
Genus - Delonix
Species - regia

Poinciana is a spreading decidious tree in the Fabaceae family and grows to 15m in height. It is endemic to the dry decidious forests of Madagascar where it is endangered. Poinciana requires a tropical to sub-tropical climate and in Australia can be found from the Northern Territory to South-East Queensland. As the tree ages it develops a large number of dead twigs and branches which become a hazard in the garden. It is also a dangerous tree for children to play in as the branches break easily. A CSIRO report for WWF – Australia in February 2005 lists Poinciana as one of the top ten most serious invasive weeds available for sale in the NT. It has also become a naturalised environmental weed in Western Australia and Queensland.


Poinciana's flower in Australia from December to February and can have red, yellow and white flowers. Delonix regia var.flavidia is the naturally occurring yellow flowered form.


The flowers are followed by large flat seed pods containing up to 40 seeds each. The dry seed pods fall off throughout the year and some can remain on the tree through to the following flowering season.


The leaves are compound with a light, bright green feathery appearance.