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Oct 06 at 10:10pm | 0 comments
Aphids are small sap-sucking insects which attack a wide range of plants. Ants feed on honeydew secreted by the aphids and protect them from predators while a black fungus called sooty mould grows on the honeydew. There are a number of biological and organic control measures available for aphids.
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Mar 25 at 1:45pm | 0 comments
Queensland Blue Couch thrives in sub-tropical conditions and full sun. It has a blue/green appearance and is soft to touch. It is  less invasive of garden beds than other couches, producing long runners on the surface of the soil which develop roots at the nodes.
Queensland Blue Couch produces minimal thatch and does not suffer from a patchy appearance after mowing. If well maintained, Queensland Blue Couch will have a rich blue-green colour and will produce a dense mat resistant to weed invasion. Queensland Blue Couch makes an ideal lawn for residential and commercial properties.

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Landscaping & mowing Bundaberg - for home & business.

At EnviroEarth Bundaberg landscaping & mowing our passion is to make our outdoor areas greener, healthier and beautiful. All things green and growing is not just a nice tagline but it is our vision and passion that we stand behind. 

Enviro Earth - lawn mowing & landscaping specialists.

No matter if it is our home or business environment our surroundings help us to be more motivated, make us feel better and portrays professionalism. We are based in Bundaberg, Queensland and our mowing, gardening and complete landscaping service area covers from Moore Park Beach South to Elliott Heads and West to South Kolan.

Residential & commercial landscaping & mowing services.

We specialize in Residential, Commercial and Strata title gardening and maintenance services in Bundaberg including mowing, pruning, weeding, tree-lopping, landscaping and cleaning services.

Why people love using us for landscaping & mowing Bundaberg.

  1. No risk. We guarantee the quality of our work.
  2. You’ll get a great looking garden or outdoor area, hassle free.
  3. Free up your time; enjoy your yard, outdoor area or business premises for a change.
  4. No job too big or small.
  5. We keep to best practice of horticultural standards.
  6. Our level of service is the best in the industry.
  7. We’re passionate about making all things green and growing look their best.
  8. We’re a local, long-standing business
  9. We are owned and managed by a member of The Australian Institute of Horticulture and AIH Registered Horticulturalist.